Sale & Trade

This place is dedicated to my sales or trades from my personal collection. I set the rules as you can see below but if you've an interesting proposal such as: Some game releases that I don't have, I'll always be attentive. I'm more interested in exchanges, because that way I can help other Resident Evil game collectors to complete their sets/goals. As you can see, I'm a collector with a special focus on the different versions of the games.

About the European versions, I only try to acquire those of my own country and language, in this case PAL-ESP (Spain), however, if it is the case that a variant doesn't exist or wasn't launched in my country, I'll try to buy Another European option. My goal is to collect a version of Europe, an American and a Japanese version (if it does not exist in Japan, I would buy the Asian or Korean version).

Next, the list of available items, don't hesitate to contact me with your offer. Don't stop looking at my Wish List!